Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Books we Love - Dragon's Dinner

‘’Deep in the woods in a cave inky black, a dragon fancies a tasty snack!
He tries to have lunch with a grizzly bear, munch on a sly fox and crunch on a wise owl. But something very small with a teeny-tiny SQUEAK spoils his dinner plans...’’

Now that we've started doing parties at the shop, i'm always on the hunt for great stories to read aloud to the children at the end of the party.

Something with a magical, fantasy theme, not too long or short and most importantly, lots of fun.

Dragon's dinner ticks all the boxes. It's such a fun book to read and the illustrations are really bright and colourful.

 Dragon's Dinner is written by Susannah Corbett and illustrated by Lynne Chapman.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fairy Moon - songs of the ring

I bought this gorgeous album the other day for the kids....but i think i'm enjoying it myself as much as they are. 

It is filled with wonderful, happy tunes about fairies, nature and other magical things. It is really easy to listen to and the songs are very catchy.

You can buy this album and find out more about 
Maria Sangiolo's other music here.