Thursday, February 3, 2011

Treasures in the garden

I'm excited about the new faery dust vials that we now have at Enchanted Garden. They are just so tiny and magical. 

The label on each one has been hand dyed and burned by me (with guidance from the faeries) and i can just imagine how enchanting they would be hidden throughout a garden for a fairy party.

Speaking of garden fairy parties, I am still waiting to hear back from the real estate agent in regards to a commercial property i am trying to lease for my shop. It has it's very own garden (front & back) and my imagination is working overtime thinking of all the magical places i can create there!! Expect to see a LOT of faery dust.

Some more treasures from my garden, but this is of the edible kind. We have an abundance of tomatoes growing in our veggie patch. All different varieties. The kids have been having great fun picking the red ones (and the odd green one too).

We haven't had much luck keeping a veggie patch thriving in the past, but this time we are determined to make it work. Inquisitive children and a hungry pet bunny do make it a little tricky to keep everything alive, but we are working on it. We had a great crop of celery last year which i hope to start growing again.

That's all from me today, it's another hot, hot day so I'm off to find a a way to keep the kids cool this afternoon.

Faery Blessings.....


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 already....

When i first started this blog, i had planned to post daily (ok well at least weekly), but i guess that idea went out the window quickly. So i finally made it back, and it's 2011, wow, that came around fast! We have had a busy start to the year already, but i am hoping to try and be a bit more frequent in blogging this year.

So what's been going on in the Enchanted Garden?

January was a very busy month for us. I set up a little plaster painting stand in Berrima (Southern Highlands, NSW). I had quite a few little artists come to paint and create some wonderful masterpieces. I also loved the look on their little faces when they were told they could sprinkle glitter all over their much as they wanted!!

I had lots of fun but will admit it was a little tricky juggling that and my own 3 children, thankfully my hubby, mum and mum-in-law were around to help out. 

We will soon be offering fund raising and party packs of plasters on the site. We have quite a few different styles to choose from and our packs will be made up of the most popular ones (or you can choose your own). 

just a few of the super popular ones.....

Now that I've finished the plaster painting, there is still no time to rest. February is here and everything starts up again. 

Today was a day of firsts. My fairy princess had her first day of Kindergarten today. She looked so grown up in her school uniform. She didn't get upset at all, even though i was a blubbering mess! She had a fantastic day and can't wait to get back there tomorrow!

My two little pixies also had their first session at a Steiner (Waldorf) playgroup. We all really enjoyed it. It was very different to our other playgroup but the boys seemed to have a really great time. Looking forward to next week.

I think I've rambled on enough now. I hope to get back into the blogging swing of things this year and bring you all the exciting Enchanted Garden news.

Faery Blessings.......