Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Clean Up Song

Like a lot of mums i struggle with getting my kids to pick up after themselves. The older ones are only 5 & 3, so i don't expect too much from them, but i think they are old enough to pack up their toys (which they have way too many of, but that's a whole other post, lol).

So, as mentioned earlier, i am quite interested in 'Waldorf' education, toys, rhythm etc and am trying to implement some of these techniques with my kids. One of the things i read quite frequently is the use of singing for different events and  transitions in the day. Now, i will admit i kind thought it would be a bit odd to sing our way through the day and i'm not so keen about singing for everything. But, i tried it out today in an attempt to get the kids to help pack up without too many grumbles and what do you worked!!

So i thought i would share our little cleaning up song with you, it's amazing  how quick the kids picked it up and soon we were all singing together:

Cleaning up Song

It's time to pack up, it's time to pack up
It's time to put away
It's time to pack up, It's time to pack up
We've had a lovely day

When we do the work together
It makes it so much fun
When we do the work together
It's easy to get the job done

and repeat, and repeat, and repeat till your playroom, bedroom, etc is all clean! Make up any tune you want.

Hope it works for you!

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  1. Hi Danielle, i am totally with you on the singing headstrong 20month old ONLY responds to directions if i sing to him! Now my 7year old sings to his younger brother to encourage him to do things! Love it!

    Jordan and Courteney were steiner kids too! What a lovely coincidence - i thought we may have shared some similar beliefs!