Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sweet Faery Dreams

As my children finally settle down for the night (well at least for a few hours in my smallest ones case), i thought i'd share with you this lovely little poem.

I found it on a website and printed it out about 4 years ago and we've had it on our daughter's bedroom wall ever since. She knows it by heart and is teaching it to her younger brothers.

Written by Druidh and Cricketmouse
To Morrow

Faerie bless, and Faerie keep
Faerie watch me while I sleep.
Protect my hearth. Protect my home.
Protect my spirit as I roam.
Faerie guide me through the night
And keep away the shapeless fright.
Faerie bless and Faerie keep
Faerie watch me as I sleep. 

I can't remember the exact website i found it on, but  i have seen it in a few different places since then.

A quick google search led me here though and i assume that this is the original author (someone please correct me if i'm wrong).

Dannii xx

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