Saturday, August 14, 2010

Octopus Craft

We were supposed to be spending today in the garden, but after returning home from the nursery with some herbs to plant, the rain came down. So now  we are having an indoor day. I thought I'd post up this quick craft that the kids and  i did a while ago (i had intended to do a kids craft blog, but never got round to it).

This octopus looks great hung up where it can gently sway in the breeze.

2 x paper plates
paint & brushes
coloured crepe paper streamers
craft eyes (optional)

Paint the backs of the two paper plates in your desired colours/patterns. Allow to dry.
Cut out 8 ‘tentacles’ whatever length you prefer (ours are approx. 40cm long). Cut out one smaller strip of crepe paper for loop to hang it.
Staple the tentacles to the inside of one of the paper plates. At the top of the plate, loop the small strip and staple into place.
Bring the insides of the plates together (non painted sides) and staple all around to secure.
Add some craft eyes or draw some eyes onto your octopus (optional).
Hang and enjoy!

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