Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The shop and life

It's been crazy around here these past few months. I got the keys to the shop in June so we have been super busy getting it all set up. We are still far from finished, but with 3 young children and running 2 businesses, there isn't a whole lot of spare time.

 The entrance to the party/craft studio

We've already had a few parties at the shop!!! They were all plaster painting parties and went really well. I've had great feedback from all the parents. I have a fairy party coming up next month which i am SUPER excited about!

Our current party packages can be found here.

I'm also starting to put together some 'at home' party packages. We already have plaster painting packages available, but soon there will be bag & t-shirt painting kits, fairy door kits and loads more.

  Paint a bag kits

The shop is currently only open by appointment and for parties. I am hoping to have a few permanent days there soon, i just need to work around my littlest guy. I am happy to let the business grow slowly. I don't want to miss out on all those precious moments with my children so i will let it grow with them.

Ok, well i think that's about all from me today. I have a mountain of housework waiting for me that has been totally neglected with the shop, sick kids (and grownups) and horrible weather which has made washing impossible.

Faery Blessings......

Dannii xx

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