Monday, February 6, 2012

Faerie Radio

Looking for some magical music to listen to while you're on the computer? 

Faerie Radio is a free online radio station that plays the wonderful music that can be heard at Faerieworlds & Faeriecon.  

Of course if you listen to Faerie Radio it will instantly make you want to attend one of the fabulous events above and if like me you live on the other side of the world, it may make you a little sad :(

I still love Faerie Radio though :)
Dannii xx



  1. Apparantely there is a problem with Faerie Radio today. I tried to listen and it says I have to join 365 radio to hear it and when I joined, it still will not load the player. I cannot find a way to even contact them. Very disppointed!

  2. I've just tried it and i'm having the same problem :( i hope it's fixed soon, i need a dose of faerie radio today!

  3. I can't get in either and I joined again today and it tells me that it is not valid. I have been listening to Fairie Radio for two years and I have never had this trouble, I just go straight in. I am very disappointed as I write and listen to my lovely fairie music. My day is spoiled.

  4. Yeah, it's still broken. It's been down for a couple of months and have no idea why. I registered and everything and doesn't work. I'm disapointed as I have been listening to it for a couple/few years now and it's the first time there's been a problem.

  5. It's November now. Still no Radio. Anybody, by chance, informed the people at Faerieworlds'?