Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Aroma Faery

Once upon a time in my pre-children/pre-Enchanted Garden days i completed my certificate 4 in Aromatherapy. Unfortunately i didn't really take my qualifications past the classroom but i still use aromatherapy and essential oils nearly everyday in my life.

If you only have two essential oils in your home, they have to be Lavender & Tea Tree oil. These two are our natural first aid kit. Just make sure they are 100% essential oil and not just fragrant oils. Most health food stores and pharmacies stock essential oils, alternatively there are many online suppliers.

We usually have a super sized bottle of Lavender Oil in the pantry as we use it for so many things:
  • mozzie bites - a drop or 2 of neat Lavender onto a cotton wool bud and apply directly to the bite. Within a few minutes the itch subsides and the redness calms down.
  • minor burns - after putting the affected area under cold running water apply some diluted Lavender oil (couple of drops in water) to the area. The lavender nearly instantly soothes the burn. Keep applying as required. I have found burns heal so much faster when i use lavender.
  • use a a couple of drops in a jug of warm water as a final hair rinse to keep head lice at bay. 

 Tea Tree oil is fabulous as an antiseptic as well as being antibacterial and anti-fungal, some of our uses here at home include: 

  •   applied neat or slightly diluted onto minor grazes and cuts

  • a drop or two added to a chamomile tea solution and used in place of wipes to help clear up nappy rash 

  • added to our homemade cleaning mixtures for use in the kitchen, bathroom etc 

There a so many more uses for these wonderful oils, the above are just some of the primary ways we use them in our home.

A bonus to using essential oils in the first aid kit is they smell fantastic and make you feel great too!!

I will cover some other essential oils in future posts :)

Dannii xx

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