Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Fairy Bower Walk

We have had so much rain here lately that when the sun was smiling on Sunday we decided we could not waste it at home and headed out for the day.

We went to Bundanoon to have a look at the markets (i have been having market withdrawals as so many of them have been cancelled due to the rain). We had a little look around, with the kids trying to decide what to spend 'their' money on. Miss E got herself a gorgeous little wishing stone and Mr T got some soap and some chocolates. They are so cute when they have money, Miss E will only buy something if she will get change, lol. 

We went across the road to the bicycle cafe for a bite to eat before heading off again.

Not at all eager to go straight home (to the mess) i suggested we take a quick drive through the national park down the road. As we were driving along there were signs to all the different walking tracks and one caught my eye immediately: 

The kids squealed with delight as we announced we were going to a Fairy Bower. 

We parked the car and headed off down the track, just enjoying the tranquility (3 noisy children aside) and being surrounded by the beautiful nature.

The track was quite steep and slippery in parts but we all managed to get down to the bottom with little fuss (even me with my 'totally unsuitable for bush walking flats' on). 

When we reached the bottom it was totally worth the walk (and the leaches that hitched a ride on my exposed feet). 

It was so magical with the lush greenery, mini waterfalls and caves. The perfect place for fairy folk to dwell. 
Miss E decided that we should live there.

The children made leaf boats and let them sail in the fast flowing stream. We also discovered some tiny fairy houses.

We could have happily stayed and played for a few hours but it was getting late and the rain was showing signs of returning.

So reluctantly, we made our way back up the track with promises of coming back to this wonderful spot very soon.

Dannii xx

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